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Sri Lanka is famous for growing some of the best quality spices from around the world. This is due to the serene environments of the hill country in which the spices are grown.

Aquire global serves many overseas customers by exporting Ceylon spices of high quality.

All our spices are specially packaged to customer’s requirements and are tested and certified to ensure the best product quality.

Ceylon Cinnamon

We select the highest quality cinnamon from the best cinnamon farms in Sri Lanka. Our products are carefully selected and processed naturally to ensure quality.

From Cinnamon Oil, Cinnamon flakes, cinnamon powder to cinnamon sticks our product range is tailored to suite all customer requirements. Packaging is also done according to customers requirements.

Black Pepper

Ceylon black pepper & white pepper has dominated the international spice market for ages, due to its high piperine content, strong aroma and rich flavour.

Our pepper products are grown in pristine natural environments and are hand picked. We offer whole peppercorns and pepper powder packaged in various quantities and packaging options according to customer choice.

White Pepper

Naturally grown in the pristine hills of Sri Lanka Ceylon as it was previously known. Ceylon white pepper is the king of all peppers and is world famous for its unique pungent flavor and strong aroma.

White peppercorns and powder are packed in a variety of options to suite the customer’s choice.


CEYLON cloves are again grown in the misty hills of Sri Lanka and are amongst the most sought after cloves in the world due to the strong and unique taste and aroma and medicinal values that are far superior to clove that is grown in any part of the world. Whole cloves, powdered clove and clove oil are packaged to suite all customer requirements.


Ceylon Cardamom. Famously known as the ‘queen of spice,’ Sri Lanka exports the light green variety of cardamom. Ceylon cardamom is in high demand around the world for its strong, distinct sharp flavor and a stirring aroma. Naturally grown and hand picked for quality our products are always packaged as per customer needs.

Nutmeg, Turmeric, Dried Garcinia Cambogia, Mace, Arecanut

You Name it and we have it all.